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Annapurna mon village guest house is located in Ghachok, a typical Nepali village spread over a plateau at 1200 m altitude, north of Pokhara city (Western Nepal).

From our place, you can see the Mt Fishtail (Machhapuchare, 6996 m) and several summits of Annapurna range from Annapurna 2 (7937 m) to Lamjung Himal (6953 m). We provide accommodation in traditional Nepali houses. These stone & wooden houses have been renovated and built, respecting the local style and using the traditional skills of Nepali craftsmen.

Annapurna Mon Village guest house with rice field
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Annapurna Mon Village patio
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Annapurna mon village view on annapurna from roof

AMV Team

Annapurna Mon Village is a partnership between Basanta and Thomas. In 2012, the two friends decided to create a guest house in Ghachok, Basanta’s native village.

Thomas Annapurna Mon Village
Born and raised in France, Thomas has come first to Nepal in 2007 to work for an NGO in Kathmandu. After some treks in Machhapuchare area, he dreamed of living in Nepal country side. With Basanta they established Annapurna Mon Village in Ghachok in 2012 and since then he has spent between 3 and 7 months in Nepal every year.
Basanta AMV
Born in Ghachok, Basanta has been working in the tourism sector for over 20 years, mostly as a guide in the Annapurnas. Later he opened his own trekking agency in Pokhara, Himalayan Frontiers Nepal. He has committed to develop community tourism in the less traveled valleys of Seti and Mardi.
Mangal is from southern Nepal, he has been working as a cookvfor more than 10 years in Pokhara and Chitwan before joining our team in 2023. His favorites dishes are Nepalese dal bhat and Indian biryani. Last, there is always Nepalese music in the kitchen because Mangal loves listening to it.


Ghachok enjoys a mild subtropical climate, with a dry season from October to May and a wet season (monsoon) from June to September. The best periods to visit are October to December and February to May when the mountains are clear and the temperatures are warm. In November you can see the harvest and enjoy the Nepali festivals of Dashain and Tihar. In March-April you can see the rhododendrons flowering. You can still visit Ghachok from late December to early February, it is warm in the day, but it can be cold at night when trekking in higher altitude. During the monsoon expect some rain and hot temperatures. Ghachok is very green all year round thanks to water coming from numerous springs and rivers.

Ghachok rice fields greenery
Ghachok birds nepal

Wild Life

There is a very rich and diversified fauna in the forests around Ghachok : deers, monkeys, leopards and many species of butterflies and birds. At the « Jatayu » vulture protection site located by the Seti river, several protected species of Himalayan vulture can be observed in their natural environment.

Ghachok birds nepal

Population and Culture

Ghachok is inhabited by several castes and ethnic groups : Brahmans, Chhetris, Dalits, Newars, Gurung, Magyar. The majority of the villagers follow Hinduism and you can watch various festivals. Walking around the village is an excellent opportunity to observe the daily life of Nepalese people in the countryside. You can see many children wearing their school uniform as there are several schools in the village, from primary level to higher secondary.

Ghachok puja nepal
Bal kalyan school volunteering ghachok nepal

Community Support

We are integrated in Ghachok village and feel it is our responsibility to support the community. We are buying if possible products from the locals, we hire local guides and porters, and thus contribute to the local economy.
Besides, through Aama Smriti Fundation initiated by Basanta, we are committed to support education, women and elderly.
Contact us if you would like to know more, make a donation or volunteer.

Bal kalyan school volunteering ghachok nepal

Eco Friendly

We are doing our best to make our place
– We grow vegetables from our own garden
– We sort out and convert organic waste into compost for the garden
– We use solar panels to heat water

We welcome any ideas to improve.

Annapurna Mon Village vegetable garden
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